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Happy Global Champagne Day from AVA!

It’s Global Champagne Day and our Co-Founder, Gina Lyons, Champagne Specialist and Enthusiast is giving you the best ways to celebrate!

1. Pop a bottle of Bubbly!

Check out the most recent article our Co-Founder wrote on to learn more about her Champagne Picks below!

  • Egly-Ouriet ‘Les Vignes de Vrigny Premier Cru’

  • Vouette et Sorbée ‘Blanc d’Argile Brut Nature’

  • 2012 Champagne Frerejean ‘Frères Cuvée des Hussards’

  • Marie Copinet ‘Brut Extra Quality’

  • 2012 Perrier-Jouët ‘Belle Epoque’

  • Champagne Geoffroy ‘Ratafia’

Have you ever wondered how to best serve your Champagne?

Make sure to chill your champagne in the fridge for at least 4 hours prior to opening it, but if you need to chill it quickly, add 1/2 ice, 1/2 cold water to a champagne bucket, fill 3/4 full and place your bottle in it. After 20 minutes or so, you’re good to go!

We recommend keeping the champagne at 8-10°C. 

We also suggest drinking it from a wine glass (the rounder the better) rather than in a flute to appreciate more the beautiful aromas of the champagnes. 

2. Pair your Champagne with some yummy bites!

Champagne is a fantastic wine for food due to its effervescence and high acidity. Try these 3 pairings below for the ultimate Champagne Day Celebration!

Champagne and Oysters- Salty, meet salty! Champagne is great with Oysters as the acidity is a perfect match to their briny, salty texture. Our favourite combination is a Blanc des Blancs Grower Champagne that has a lot of chalky, salty characteristics and a low dosage.

Champagne and Fried… anything! Champagne and fried chicken, fish, or French fries are a fantastic combination and really addictive. The acidity and effervescence of the champagne totally cuts through the grease and fat.

Champagne and Caviar- This is our #1 favourite pairing. It is beyond luxurious, and literally is heaven in your mouth. What is a better pairing than the most luxurious food paired with the most luxurious wine?

Haven’t had this pairing before, or don’t have access to caviar today? How about booking our virtual event happening November 14th.

We are hosting an unforgettable event where we are delivering Champagne and Caviar to your home, and giving you access to the houses directly. Join AVA, Charles Heidsieck Champagne, and Paramount Caviar for a Prestige Cuvée and Imported Caviar Tasting.

3. Learn more about Champagne, the Region and the Wine.

Whether you are a Champagne Enthusiast, or brand new to the bubbly, we have a Champagne Class for you. In honour of Global Champagne Day, we are offering our Champagne 101 private tasting at a special price!

In-Person Champagne 101 Class- $35 pp (minimum 6 people)

Want to self study?

We love keeping up with the world of Champagne by subscribing to

And.. We love these books!

4. Listen to Champagne Inspired Spotify Playlist while sipping your Champagne.

We’ve set the mood for you! While you are sipping on your Champagne, sit back and relax while listening to this Champagne-inspired playlist.

Santé! x



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