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What is more luxurious than popping open a bottle of Champagne on a Yacht?  

We are so lucky to live in the Yacht Capital of the US, and are so excited to offer this unique and luxurious experience to our clients.

Our partnerships expand throughout the state of Florida.  If there is a Marina, we probably have a Yacht Partner, and that means you have a chance to pop some champagne with us!

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Choose from a two-hour sunset cruise, a half-day, or a full-day charter to destination charters, and even parked events at Marinas, we can accommodate any party size and any occasion.

We have the sources, the experience, and the capability of hosting a luxurious event on the water. Incorporate a champagne toast, caviar bumps, a private chef, a cigar lounge and/or a DJ into your yacht charter. Anything is possible to enjoy the ultimate coastal opulence.

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