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Create Your Own Holiday Bar Cart

We had so much fun at Hyde House taking over their Bar Cart yesterday. We were inspired to bring you some top tips to build your own at home!

Since entertaining for the Holidays often involves a beverage or two, you want to make sure that you have a well stocked (and stylish) bar cart. If you don’t have the luxury of an actual bar or even wine cellar, bar carts are a great option. They are often a place of gathering and a great conversation point when your guests first arrive.

Bar Carts are great all year long, so when building your cart, keep to your tried-and-true style and if you want to make it a bit more special for the holidays, add a few festive touches. Garland, Christmas lights, or a winter bouquet all make your bar cart have a Christmasy feel. We themed ours Silver and Sparkles because we served bubbly, and added silver trees, disco balls and twinkle lights. The decor doesn’t have to be expensive, we got most of ours from Michaels and Target. The key is to put a variety on the cart and use twinkle lights, they make everything look pretty!

Don’t be afraid to have plenty of wine on your Bar Cart for those who prefer these over liquor. We normally make sure to always have bubbly (Champagne for drinking on its own and a Prosecco to put in a bubbly cocktail). Plus, displaying bubbly in a bucket always looks really nice.

For other wines, we like to offer a variety, so maybe a Vermentino and a Torrontés for white, and a Gamay and Tempranillo for reds.

We always have plenty of liquor for options and really enjoy a cocktail or two from time to time. Our tip for displaying liquor on a Bar Cart is to pour them into decanters. Different styles and sizes make your Bar Cart look lux and stylish. If you have room, you can display glasses. We add a variety of these as well so your guests can pick which they prefer (wine, martini, high ball, etc).

Here is a shopping list for your holiday bar cart:

Variety of wines of your choosing (but always have bubbly)!

Vodka Gin Tequila Whiskey

Tonic Club soda Coke Juice (orange, cranberry) Honey Sugar Fresh lemons and limes Fresh herbs (such as ginger, rosemary, sage, thyme, and mint)



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