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Fresh Oysters with Mignonette Vinaigrette

Champagne should be paired with food. And one of our favourite pairings is Oysters & Champagne.

There is something so complimentary with this pairing, like a piano to Chopin, a paint brush to Picasso, or ballet slippers to Anna Pavlova. Champagne is such a perfect compliment to Oysters, it might as well be called art!

There are so many styles of Champagnes that choosing the perfect one might become a daunting dask.

When in doubt, go with our favorite style of Champagne to pair with Oysters, the Blanc de Blancs. Blanc de Blancs translates to "white of whites" and these are Champagnes made with 100% white grapes, Chardonnay being among the most common. The acidity, elegance and smoothness of a Blanc de Blancs balances the salty and brininnes of an oyster.

But Oysters can be served in many ways. For the best expression and the classic pairing we serve them in the French Style. Follow the recipe below to make your guests feels like they are in Brittany, France!

Fresh Oysters with Mignonette Vinaigrette

All you need are these 4 ingredients!

  • 1 Shallot

  • 2 parts white wine vinegar to 1 shallot

  • Black Pepper

  • Salt


1. Cut the ends of your Shallot and peel the skin until you are seeing the purple layers.

2. Using a sharp knife, slice vertically small sections of the shallot. For each section, chop into small pieces.

3. Put them into a small bowl and add the white wine vinegar, a generous amount of black pepper, and a pinch of salt.

4. Take your lemon, and slice into small wedges.

Oyster Handling

TIP: When purchasing your Oysters, buy them fresh! I bought mine at our farmer’s market this morning, brought them straight home and put them in the fridge.

1. Make sure to clean your oysters well. Under cold water, rinse the Oysters and scrub them using a hard sponge to get off any grime or ocean particles.

2. Now it is time to shuck them! From the time they are washed, you must keep them cool, so prepare your bowl of crushed ice that you will serve them on, and you can put them there right away.

Oyster Etiquette

1. You can enjoy oysters any month of the year! The rule about eating them in months only ending in ‘R’ is dated and was made when the world didn’t have refrigerators.

2. Give them a little chew! In order to taste the oysters properly, you should chew them just a little.

3. Don’t serve them too cold! A bed of ice keeps them chilled but don’t keep them there for too long, or it will affect the taste.

4. Serve them as soon as you can after purchase. Oysters are best fresh, so make your oyster shopping the last part of your day out before home to serve them.

You don't have to travel to enjoy this classic pairing. Follow these easy tips at home to enjoy this wine & food classic duo. Sante!

- Gina



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