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Alumni Harvest Trip | Autumn 2024

*Members Only Trip- Experience Harvest in Champagne

  • France

Available spots

Trip Details

In true A Vine Affair Style, we will be traveling 5 Star, but we will dive deeper into Champagne than before, and participate in Champagne's Harvest. This trip is only available to those who have traveled with A Vine Affair in 2022 and 2023, or who have registered for a 2024 Trip. Please note that we cannot give exact dates for this trip as it is too early, but register interest, and we will keep you posted. Also to note, you will participate in Harvest, so there will be an amount of physical activity involved. We will stay at the Royal Champagne Hotel to ensure some much needed luxurious relaxation, and we will arrange some pretty spectacular dining experiences, but we will be assisting the houses during the most important time of the year for them, and will need to give them our full participation during our harvesting time.

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