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Our Experiences

Our bespoke champagne experiences are perfect for any group or any occasion.  Explore the world of Champagne (and caviar) in an intimate tasting, or elevate an event you are hosting with champagne and caviar bar.

Choose us as your welcome toast or ask us to organize your entire event.  We have the right partners, and the best sourcing, to bring you the ultimate champagne celebration.

champagne tastings

Champagne Tastings

From small intimate affairs to large corporate events, from cocktail style to sit-down coursed pairing dinners, our Champagne Tasting Experiences are curated perfectly for your occasion.

champagne yacht

Champagne Yachting

Our most popular experience is really like nothing you have experienced before.

Elevate your yachting experience with Champagne and Caviar.

From private charters to large corporate groups, we help you make your time on the water the ultimate luxury.

Champagne Trips

You will not find anything close to what we offer when it comes to visiting the region of Champagne.  We have the feel of a personal concierge service, with the coverage and assurance of a travel operator.

Visit the region of Champagne with insider's access, and in 5 star style.

Champagne Concierge

With our CEO's knowledge and experience in Champagne (and caviar), we offer a variety of different opportunities to be your concierge.

From cellar consulting, to bottle sourcing, to champagne and caviar delivery, we bring the world of champagne and caviar to you!

champagne tastings
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