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Champagne Trip October 16th - 22nd, 2022

Video curtousy of Champagne Frerejean Freres during our June Group Trip

With the relationships we have built in Champagne and our knowledge of the region, we are bringing enthusiasts and collectors the opportunity for a total VIP, all access trip to Champagne. 

For 5+ days, we will host you in the world's most stunning wine region, offering once in a lifetime experiences.  

We have curated unforgettable tours, tastings and dinners, paying attention to absolutely every luxurious detail. 

Then comes personalisations.. Once you reserve your spot, we will hop on a welcome call to get to know you better, walk you through your trip where we will help you plan your free time in Champagne, and gather any additional details we need to make your trip the best experience you have had in wine country! 

Sunday, October 16th

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Checkin and relax

Welcome Dinner with A Vine Affair

Check in and Welcome Dinner at the Royal Champagne Hotel

On this trip, we have added an extra day for those travelling in.  Sunday will be a great day for you to relax, explore the hotel, and get ready for your week in Champagne.

Check in, and make your day the way you want, whether you prefer to relax in the spa, hike through the surrounding vineyards, or take a trip into Epernay, this day can be personalized to you.

In the evening, meet us on the terrace for a welcome toast and dinner as we kick off this incredible week in Champagne!

Monday, October 17th


Lunch at Les Avizes

Join us for lunch on Domaine Jacques Selosse at their acclaimed restaurant, Les Avizes.

In the Grand Cru Village of Avize, we will dine in the heart of the Côtes de Blancs featuring a seasonal menu by Chef Stéphane Rossillon paired with a lineup of Selosse Champagnes.


Tour and Dinner at Champagne Geoffroy

Another well respected Grower Producer based in the Grand Cru village of Ay.  Geoffroy's wines are sustainably focused, and innovative.  Jean-Baptiste always has something new up his sleeve, so when we visit him, we are guaranteed to be trying unreleased cuvées or experimental wines.

A Family Affair- For our dinner, make yourself at home.  Dinner will be prepared by Margaux, Jean-Baptiste and Karine's daughter, who will create dishes that will harmoniously pair with her father's wines.


Visit to Champagne Doyard 

Start the day with a visit to Champagne Doyard in Vertus.  Immerse yourself in the soils of the Cote des Blancs, and taste though Champagne Doyard's captivating champagnes full of concentrated intensity.

Learn from experts in the Côtes des Blancs and discover one of the few rare 'clos' of Champagne, right in the domaine's backyard.



Tuesday, October 18th

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Wellness Morning or Private Shopping Experience

Nowhere else in the Champagne region can you enjoy a world-class destination spa overlooking the vines.


The Royal Spa has hand-selected therapists that await to pamper, replenish, indulge, and restore you to the healthiest version of yourself.  

For those wanting to bring tokens of Champagne home with them, join the group for a private shopping experience at Caves et Jardin in the picturesque village of Hautvillers.  

This antique store specialises in vintage champagne buckets, antiques from all the famous champagne houses, and even vintage designer goods.


Tour and Cellar Dinner with Frerejean Freres

A tour of this beautiful boutique, family-run house, that specialises in Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, based in Avize.


Every detail- from the wines, to the estate there is this beautiful dance of tradition and innovation.  After the tour, join us for a candlelight dinner in their beautiful cellars, where we will feature their cuvées paired with local, artisan dishes.


Tour and Lunch with Billecart-Salmon

Visit the beautiful home of the now 7th generation, take a tour through the winding cellars,  and discover wines that embody quality and excellence, and the house's unique savoir-faire. 


An all access tour, along with an elegant lunch in their french style gardens (weather permitting), this will be a visit like no other.

For those Billecart lovers out there, this is a visit not to be missed!


Wednesday, October 19th

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Visit to Leclerc Briant 

The House of Leclerc Briant was one of the pioneers of biodynamics in Champagne.


Discover not only the press room, the barrel house and the cellars for which Leclerc Briant is famous, but also discover the historical vineyard called La Croisette: a small plot cultivated bio-dynamically ever since it was first planted and the birth place of the cuvée of the same name. 

Enjoy the magnificent view over Epernay and the surrounding area from the rooftop terrace whilst sipping the House’s finest champagnes.

Screenshot 2022-08-03 at 15.45.21.png

Moussé Fils Tour and Brasero Dinner

A grower producer who is a leader in sustainability and biodiversity., and a wizard with the Meunier Grape, Cedric has been named as one of the main producers in Champagne who is making a positive impact on climate change in the region.

A tour with a course dinner in the house's brand new, eco-friendly tasting room. 


The evening will feature the house's champagnes paired with an all organic brasero cooked dinner.

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Private Lunch at

Les 25bis

Our day continues at Les 25bis, an exquisite 18th century residence on Avenue de Champagne where we will enjoy a private lunch. 


The team, including private chef, will be entirely dedicated to offering us a tailor-made lunch, paired with the Leclerc Briant's iconic cuvees.

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Thursday, October 20th


Lunch and Magnum Special Club Masterclass at Chateau de Sacy

Just above the vines of Hervieux-Dumez stands a beautiful chateau.

We will enjoy a delightful lunch paired with Special Club Champagnes by producers such as Hervieaux-Dumez, Salmon, Loriot-Pagel and Forget-Chemin.

Special Club Champagne is the highest tier of classification that grower Champagnes can achieve. The official name is Club de Trésors, or Club of Treasures. It was established in 1971 under the name Club de Viticulteurs Champenois, to assess quality among certain growers in Champagne.

These bottles are cherished by collectors and respected by the Champenois as being some of the best champagne produced.

Special guests may just be present to help us deep-dive into the Special Club, as well as drinking our champagnes from Magnum Formats.


Visit to Champagne Hervieux-Dumez

Based in the village of Sacy, not far from Reims, we will discover a grower house who is a part of the prestigious group, called the Special Club.

Discover this charming first certified bee grower producer, in the picturesque village of Sacy.

Newly imported to the US, you may have never had this producer, so it will be a real treat to discover a brand new house while trying their champagnes for the first time!


Visit to Champagne Vilmart

Before we check in to The Eisenhower Residence in Reims, we will make an afternoon stop at Champagne Vilmart.


The trip would not be complete without featuring the champagnes of one of the most renowned producers.  You are in for a treat when drinking Champagne Vilmart.  These wines make you really sit with them so precise, thoughtful, and a pleasure as they dance on your palate. 


Once checked in at The Eisenhower Residence, you have a free evening in Reims to discover the city by night. The city is full of great restaurants and bars that fit everyone's personality!  

Whether you prefer to dine Michelin Star, or dine Bistro, A Vine Affair has a list of all the best places, and will make reservations wherever you prefer to spend your evening.


Friday, October 21st


Private Soirée with Rare Champagne 

This isn't just any party... we have the residence to ourselves with bottles of Rare Champagne in the most beautiful mansion in Reims!

Sit-down dinner paired with a Rare Champagne Vertical, then as the night turns, a resident DJ will play all the hits as we dance the night away on our last night in Champagne.


Tour and Lunch at Charles Heidsieck

There's just something about Charlie...  

Morning tour in the phenomenal cellars of  Charles Heidsieck, learn all about the legend behind the bottle, followed by an exquisite lunch in the Pavillion.


Closed to the public, we get access to one of the most private houses in Champagne, full of rich history and spectacular wines.


Afternoon in Reims

Whether you prefer to tour the Cathedral, shop at the boutiques, or relax in the Eisenhower Residence, this afternoon is for you!  

We will have some insider options and are happy to set up any tours and tastings, but this is a great afternoon to reflect on your trip, and get ready for an unbelievable last evening.


Travel and Accommodation 

download (3).jpeg

Royal Champagne Hotel and Spa, Champillon

a luxury hotel and spa in Champillon that invites you to the ultimate Champagne Experience.  With a Michelin Starred Chef, award winning Sommeliers, and considered Europe's 3rd best resort from Conde Nast's Readers, the Royal Champagne is the region's best 5 star resort.

Screenshot 2022-08-03 at 16.20.01.png

The Eisenhower Residence by Charles Heidsieck, Reims

A luxury boutique hotel, set in the center of Reims, owned by Champagne Charles Heidsieck.  Never heard of it?  Of course not!  Our insiders knowledge got you in as one of the very first to stay at this amazing property.  For several months, it was the residence of General Eisenhower when Reims was recaptured by Allied forces in 1945.

Screenshot 2022-08-03 at 16.06.16.png

Luxury Transport

Transport will be provided by a luxury travel company based right in Reims.  They offer several luxury vehicles to use for the group to get from one tasting to another, as well as transporting your luggage when we move hotels.



$9,000 USD per person double occupancy
$10,400 USD per person single occupancy

*Trip Totals include hotel stays, tours, meals and visits on all of the above, including gratuity.  Hotels include breakfast each morning.  Trip also include AVA Concierge, where we personalise your trip with additional tours, activities, arrange travel from Paris to Champagne, and any other requests during your trip with us.
**Trip Totals do not include travel to and from Champagne, Spa Treatments at the Royal Hotel, Thursday evening meals in Reims, Friday afternoon activities in Reims

You can feel at ease and protected during your travel with A Vine Affair.  We are insured as a travel operator, and offer travel insurance packages with our parter USI to cover any unforseen cancellations, delays or travel disruptions. 

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