Champagne Concierge

Champagne has a special place in our hearts and we love to share this world with our clients!

As small as this wine region may be, there is so much to learn about it, and so many champagnes to try (other than that yellow label).

We offer the below services around Champagne, and feel free to reach out with any inquiries.

  • Champagne and Caviar Tasting


  • Champagne 101- learn everything you need to feel confident when purchasing, serving and enjoying the world's best bubbly.

  • Champagne Sourcing- whether it is building your home cellar, or sourcing your birth year, we can give advice and help you source the best champagnes.​

  • Champagne Hosting- we can help you host your own perfect champagne party, along with giving you access to exclusive tastings and champagne releases.

  • Champagne Gifts- We can put together a gorgeous champagne gift for your loved one.  We help you choose the perfect champagne, and beautifully wrap it complete with fresh flowers, and any accompaniments you may want to add such as a tin of caviar!

  • Champagne Trip 2022 (stay tuned!)

  • For our VIPs- We have developed close relationships with champagne houses, and are able to offer our clients exclusive access to private tastings with the most prestigious houses and their finest cuvées.  If you are looking to build a relationship with a champagne house that you already love, get access to library champagnes, or want to host a truly once in a lifetime tasting, contact us!

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